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D.C. Industries is currently operating a 110 vertical pull down Detroit Broach that machines an internal keyway. Using a serrated multi-toothed rod, we utilize two-pass machining in our operations for low to high volume orders. D.C. Industries broaching operation produces repeated accuracy, close tolerances, and a pleasing surface finish every time. (Click here to contact us with your broaching needs or questions)


Our multi spindle/multi head drilling and tapping machines are a cost effective way to maintain high volume production while continuously producing quality parts. D.C. Industries will adapt to your customized needs with our ability to drill and tap entire patterns consisting of several holes of varying diameters in a matter of minutes. For low volume orders, our machining centers can accommodate unique patterns and a variety of parts. An Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with a capacity of 160 different tools, and a six-pallet set-up provide optimum machining and part changeover time. For high volume orders, we offer a six station drilling and tapping cycle as well as other multi station operations.


Our high performance Vertical Turning Lathes provides D.C. Industries the capability to machine larger diameter parts. Live spindle C-axis allows for traditional machining practices, as well as extensive drilling and tapping operations. Our Toshiba VTL uses a pallet changer, and a 23-tool turret, which provides continuous productivity as well as part changeover and set-up during the machining cycle.


For smaller turning operations, D.C. Industries offers horizontal lathes at eight different CNC machines. Our turning centers can power through interrupted Turning Centercuts, while maximizing 3-axis and 4-axis machining of cast iron. A pair of horizontal Mazaks with a 12-tool turret configuration handles our smaller parts. A family of five slant-bed Warner & Swasey Titans efficiently provides precision on larger castings with an 8-tool turret configuration and an optional 12-tool turret when needed. For low to high volume orders, contact D.C. Industries for any of your contract machining needs.

Machining Center
Machining Center